Univox Hi Flier Phase 4 Flyer White Kurt Cobain Heart Shaped Box Nirvana Guitar

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Here for sale is Univox Hi Flier (Flyer) Phase 4 in white. This was the fourth and final version of the Hi Flier that came out in the late 1970’s. This model was made famous by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, who used it in the Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Video directed by Anton Corbijn. He also used this model and finish on tour in 1993, and played Hi Flier’s throughout his career. You can see why, they are great guitars. Made in Japan, fantastic build quality, light weight, and pack a huge sound. The pick ups are particularly good and sound as hot as Gibson PAF humbuckers. This is the ultra rare and sought after white finish with a maple fretboard. This guitar also has the unusual distinction of being a high quality copy of another guitar, the Mosrite Ventures, and this Univox in itself inspired another copy the Eastwood Phase 4.

The guitar has had its fair share of chips and dings, but the important thing is this is the original white finish. Some of the chips have some white paint, applied a long time ago covering them, but most are natural and give the guitar great vintage rock ‘n’ roll character. Everything is original, including the pick ups and hardware and the tuning keys. The control knobs may not be original, but the white speed knobs suit the guitar and look great. The string trees at the top are missing a side each, but can be easily replaced as the original metal is brittle. The pick guard is original too, but as is common we plastic of a certain vintage it has cracked around the input jack. The previous owner had glued it, and a little bit of glue has attached to the body under the lower end. The good thing is the pickguard is stable and together, but again replacements can be found if desired. A washer has been added to the pickup surround which makes the jack contact nice and sturdy, so there is no issues plugging or unplugging. The electrics are all working fine in all pick up positions, every now and then you may need to re-select the pick up if there is a slight cut out, but doesn’t happen very often and is common with vintage electronics. At some point a left handed player, (maybe even a certain famous player! who knows!) added a strap button to the upper horn but this has since been removed.

The guitar has a great sound and is so light and comfortable to play. The neck is smooth and fast and the frets are in good shape. The maple veneer on the frets has shrunk a little on the lower side down the neck, but this does not affect playability. This can happen with vintage maple fretboards, but you don’t feel it when playing and is not noticeable as it is hidden by the lower E-string. All in all a beautiful and rare guitar with so much mojo you won’t want to stop playing it. It is one of the most desirable Univox Hi Fliers and a true Nirvana collectible.

Here is a demo video of another Univox Phase 4 in white:

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Olly Smith from @thevigilmusic demos a 1969 Fender Mustang in Lake Placid Blue https://t.co/Q98QZGzCdM the right handed version of the iconic guitar played by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit… https://t.co/o5k3f2xhva
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