Fender Cyclone II Candy Apple Red 2002 Kurt Cobain Mustang Style Guitar

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Here for sale us a Fender Cyclone II 2002 Candy Apple Red electric guitar. This is the rarer of the already rare and sought after Cyclones. It features three Jaguar pick ups and Jaguar switching configuration. This guitar actually sounds better than any single coil Jaguar we have played. It has an amazing and unique neck for Fenders based on the Gibson Les Paul 24.75 scale length and really does feel like playing a Gibson in a Fender body. The neck is Roswd on maple. It is an unusual intermediate size for Fender and great size that has a whole other different feel to other Fenders and is the missing link in the Fender catalogue they really should bring back. The body is like a Fender Mustang body on steroids it is a quarter of an inch thicker than a mustang and just feels more substantial and powerful. The wood on the body is poplar and nicer quality instead of the usual mustang basswood .

It has a cool racing stripe like the competition mustangs which looks killer. The pick ups are staggered like a Telecaster and gives it more bite than the regular in line Jaguar pick ups. It has a fantastic twang really cuts while maintaining a beefier low end than the Jaguar, it just has a great sound for all styles. It also features a Jazzmaster headstock similar to a ’70’s strat with it’s cool little cyclone playing an off set guitar logo, so cool! It has vintage tuning heads, vintage string saddles as found on ’50’s strats. It has a nice Stratocaster ย style synchronised tremolo and an on off switch for each pick up for masses of tonal variety. It has, in fact, seven pick up selections including bridge pick up with neck pick up or even all three pick ups.

The guitar is in great condition and the pick guard has aged beautifully with a gold hue and the Candy Apple Red finish is stunning. There is the odd play wear and the odd ding or scratch most notably a ding on the top side and bottom side and a faint one on the back but they are not very noticeable and just give the guitar more rock n roll character so you can relax and enjoy playing. The guitar also comes with the whammy bar and white back plate and a little bit of Fender case candy all wrapped up in a Fender Gig Bag. A great example of the Cyclone II, a perfect storm of a guitar.

Please note all guitars are sold as seen. We try our best to show the guitar’s condition in the photos but this is not always possible to every detail. Each guitar is set up to the shop standard playing style and as we all know; each player is different. If it is not set up to your liking this is not a cause for complaint, as is finding some kind of imperfection that we may or may not have mentioned. We sell used guitars not museum pieces and we do not accept returns unless they have been damaged in transit. If you are looking for a perfect guitar that you will worry about damaging and hang on the wall we advise you to buy new! So be rock n roll! lml

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The evolution of the Gibson RD bass. Vintage RD standard, RD Artist with active pickups and the RD Krist Novoselic Signature with vintage RD pick ups installed all in Ebony. Gibson @kristnovoselic @guitarsmith #gibson #gibsonbass #gibsonrd #ebony #rock #bassguitar #guitarsmith #kristnovoselic #nirvana ... See MoreSee Less

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- 7 days ago

The evolution of the Gibson RD bass. Vintage RD standard, RD Artist active pickups & the RD Krist Novoselic Signature with vintage RD pickups all in Ebony. @gibsonguitar @Guitarsmiths #gibson #gibsonbass #ebony #rock #bassguitar #guitarsmith #kristnovoselic #nirvana @Nirvana https://t.co/dEzwIPgWS6
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Fender Competition Mustangs Vintage โ€˜71 Mustang bass in Lake Placid๐ŸŠ blue ๐Ÿ’ง , โ€˜72 Candy ๐Ÿญ Apple ๐ŸŽ Red and a โ€˜69 Lake Placid ๐ŸŠ Blue๐Ÿ’ง with matching headstock. Itโ€™s all about the racing stripes @Guitarsmiths #fender #mustang #bass #guitar #blue #red #vintage #guitarsmith https://t.co/IDC2uP7tM7
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- 72 days ago

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 in Blue mist, icey cool ๐Ÿฅถ finish with the legendary Les Paul sound. Demo video available here: https://t.co/ZOlvp7GLFW #gibson #lespaul #guitar #blue #mist #standard #guitarsmith #guitarsmiths #rock #blues #pop #classic #alternative #davegrohl https://t.co/HTFHChoafX
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