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Fender 2011 Kurt Cobain Nirvana Lake Placid Blue Mustang Electric Guitar – SOLD

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Here is for sale is a Fender 2011 Kurt Cobain Lake Placid Blue Mustang. This guitar has been discontinued by Fender and are highly sought after and rarely come up for sale. This is another beautifully made and authentic artist endorsed guitar by Fender. It has been set up exactly to Kurt’s specifications and made for him in 1993 for the In Utero tours. Interestingly this Lake Placid Blue is the rarer of the three finishes and is based on Kurt’s favourite guitar his Vintage Lake Placid Blue Mustang mixed with the specification of the In Utero tour mustangs, with the added advantage of the far superior Seymour Duncan JB installed over the stock bridge pickup and the standard finished headstock. The guitar plays and sounds incredible.The guitar is in great condition with just a tiny scratch on the top of the headstock and a bit of play wear on the back of the body, and at tiny hairline crack in the finish on the neck joint which is very common with Fenders, but this just gives it more character. It has never been gigged. You certainly wouldn’t of found Kurt worrying about these sort of things! These are hands down the best Mustang’s out there. They have Seymour Duncan JB’s in the bridge for a great fat, raw rock sound, and can be controlled by the sliding tone pick up switches that have been sunken down at Kurt’s request and is a great improvement on the originals which used to poke out and were easily hit when strumming. The neck is great to hold nice and slim but not too narrow, just right. It’s just an awesome guitar to play and own and you can see why they were Kurt’s stage favourites that he almost exclusively played them from ’93 onwards. Kurt’s favourite guitar ever was his ’69 Lake Placid Blue Fender Mustang and this is stunning tribute to it.

The guitar is sold as seen and will be well packaged in a cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap. No case is included, which is exactly how these guitars came from Fender in 2011.

Please note all guitars are sold as seen. We try our best to show the guitars condition in the photos but this is not always possible to every detail. Each guitar is set up to the shop standard playing style and as we all know; each player is different. If it is not set up to your liking this is not a cause for complaint, as is finding some kind of imperfection that we may or may not have mentioned. We sell used guitars not museum pieces and we do not accept returns unless they have been damaged in transit. If you are looking for a perfect guitar that you will worry about damaging and hang on the wall we advise you to buy new! So be rock n roll! lml

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